Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forced blooms

This is a photo of some cherry branches I forced into bloom. This was the first time I have tried this. It is so simple to do and I am sure I will forever be making this a part of early spring ritual. Unfortunately, during a recent wind storm, a large branch from a neighboring tree fell into this cherry and broke it's tender branches. Rather than throw them into the compost heap, I gently trimmed it and a few more branches to even it out. I wrapped the ends of the branches in a wet paper towel and left them overnight. The next morning, I bashed the ends with a hammer and then put them in a vase filled with warm water. Within a few days, the branches were budding. These were left inside a darker cabinet shelf away from direct sunlight. They have been sitting out in the open for about 6 days and are still quite lovely.

Now, I must get something off my chest, sort of free-therapy if you will. Tonight during dinner, my son began choking on a piece of steak. My husband and I both acting so quickly practically had a tug of war with the poor boy to save him. It was not pretty! We were all over-reacting, yelling, pounding his back, pushing his stomach, trying to dislodge the meat from his mouth. My poor daughter was watching from the sidelines and luckily it turned out okay. The scariest moment I can recall in forever! Absolutely, a bad time to panic, but sometimes that is just what you do. I know that our method was NOT the best way to handle it, but that is just what happened and thankfully he is fine. My husband and I were both so shaken afterward! Please review the proper methods of helping a choking victim and remind yourself and your older children what to do in case they are alone when this happens!

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