Monday, March 29, 2010

40 is Fabulous!

I have had a wonderful day today. I arrived at school to find that Mrs. Lori, our office manager had gotten flowers, a plant, a super-sized balloon, and a cake for me! All the teachers had signed the card, too. Then I went to have coffee with my dear friend, Kim. Next, it was off to Walgreens to pick up the photos from the party. I took a quick shower and went back to school to work the book fair. Mrs. Lori bought me my favorite salad for lunch and then I had some cake. Next, I went to pick up Easter treats for my dance students. I met my friend Ellen for a quick cup of tea before my afternoon classes. My hubby fixed my favorite dish for dinner-pasta with alfredo sauce, grilled chicken and sauteed red pepper, mushrooms, and brocolli. Yummy! Then we had more cake and I opened a few more gifts. My hubby gave me a lovely photo album, a sketch journal, and a travel journal. I may have said this before, but 40 is fabulous when you have friends and family that love you! The card shown above is one my daughter made for my hubby to give to me.

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  1. Awww.... how sweet of everyone to do so much for you! LOVE that cake - it's so pretty! And very cool that Libby made your card for hubby :) Sorry I missed it all... so... here's my belated Happy Birthday wish! Forty IS fabulous! :)