Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Snow-POD 3/22

We have three camellias that we bought about 3 years ago. They did nothing where we originally planted them so last spring when we put in the new walkway and flower bed, we transplanted them to this spot-which seems to be ideal. They have teased us all winter with buds and now, they are actually starting to open! Of course, we got snow last night. Just a little bit, so we are on a normal schedule today, thank goodness! I hope that the weather doesn't rob us of the beautiful spring we are sure to have. (That happened a few years back at just the time the weeping cherries and Japanese maples were starting to bud and bloom-the plants were ruined). We've had such a cold and snowy winter that we are really looking forward to the re-birth of spring in our yard.

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