Friday, March 19, 2010


Ahhh, Friday and spring is in the air! It got up to 68 here today! I had almost the entire day off to enjoy being at home. It was wonderful-the doors were open and I had such fun piddling around the yard planning the garden and flower bed work I need to hop on.

I don't drink wine nightly, but this evening it just seemed like the perfect accompaniment. I felt kind of silly walking around the house taking pictures of a wine bottle and glass, but the lighting was just so pretty-that is actually what prompted me to open the bottle in the first place. I enjoyed a glass of one of my favorite Pinot Noir's from Five Rivers Winery.

I've enjoyed an evening of watching TLC with my daughter. I'm looking forward to a weekend of spring cleaning and organization! Maybe even a little shopping...I'm in the mood for some colorful flats and new lipstick.

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