Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day crafts

I just told a friend that I hadn't posted on this blog in so long and probably wouldn't until summer break. However, I have been busy during our spring break making some fun little holiday crafts so I thought I would share them on the web....

Thanks to Tater Tots and Jello blog for so much inspiration on these crafts.

The first image is simply a piece of patterned cardstock stuck inside a frame with no glass. I cut out a clover shape and glittered it, then stuck it to the paper. On the outer frame I spelled out the word "lucky" with some chipboard tiles. This is in my children's bathroom.

Second image is of a "lucky" sign. I used fabric paper cut to fit over an old sign that I was no longer using in the house. I then used ribbon and a glue gun to adhere the strips into letters. It is hanging above my kitchen sink with a clover banner hanging under it.

Last two images are of the wreath hanging on my front door. This was a straw wreath purchased for $2.49 at Michael's. I wrapped it with burlap ribbon (also from Michael's) and then made several styles of ribbon and paper flowers to adhere to it. The finishing touch is a cork from a bottle of Evolution wine. I loved finding a fun use for it!

Luck of the Irish to you this fine St. Paddy's Day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe that 2010 is already over. It seems like I hit a fast forward button this year. I don't know if it was the picture a day project or starting a new job, but time has really flown even faster than normal. It has been a wonderful year really. I think turning 40 and being able to chronicle the year with the Project Life album was an incredibly rewarding experience. I enjoyed it immensely and think it will be a fun time capsule to look back on many years from now. I hope that 2011 is a year of making many new memories, recording them for my family, and also a year of buckling down financially to do some real saving for the future and our kid's college funds. Happy 2011!