Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tue. POD

Happy Anniversary, baby! Tuesday we celebrated our 14th anniversary! I don't teach in the afternoons so we planned a little date night. It was perfect! We went to see Date Night at 4:55 in the afternoon and had the entire theater to ourselves-it was a really cute movie, especially for an anniversary date. Next, we headed over to Outback (one of Jim's favorite restaurants that we rarely go to-he always chooses places for me so I picked this for him!). We were there before 7:00 and home around 8:15. Perfect for a school night and still some time with the kids...


The Jabali African Acrobats performing on the Lakeside stage on Mother's Day. Read more about LEAF in schools and what LEAF International is all about...


LEAF is all about the music! This photo is at the Duhks concert at the Lakeside stage on Saturday afternoon. It was a great show which we were fortunate enough to be standing front row for. I even won a tshirt that was thrown into the audience. We also watched them at the barn later that evening for a dance party-more great fun!


Pictures of my kids with their friends who went to LEAF with us. These are at the campsite once we got settled in about 3:00 in the afternoon...

Friday, May 7, 2010

FoxgloveThurs. POD

We've got a lot going on in our perennial beds right now and fat bumble bees buzzing all about. It is so fun to watch how the garden grows! I tried really hard to catch a shot of the bee, but couldn't so this is about the best I could do to capture the lighting at mid-day yesterday. Notice the hairs on the flowers!

I am packing up for our LEAF weekend so I am very busy and frazzled this morning-I wanted to post yesterday's POD before I forgot all about it. I will be leaving about 2:00 this afternoon to head up there for the weekend. Have a great one and Happy Mother's Day to all! Will have lots of pics to post on Monday!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeding Time-Wed. POD

One of my hubby's hobbies is fish. We've had numerous tanks all over the house from time to time. We now have it down to 2, one in his office and a huge 75 gallon freshwater tank in our living room. We have angel fish, pleco, catfish, golden algae eaters and a blue crawdad. This particular photo was taken at feeding time. It is especially entertaining to watch the crawdad eat but I couldn't get a picture of him.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching up

Unfortunately, I don't even have a picture for Sunday. I forgot to take one and will just have to come up with something cute to stick in the blank photo pockets! The Monday picture is of a dinner we had to celebrate my BFF's birthday. She is the cute little blonde seated 4th from the left. We had a fun girls night out at Mezzaluna's!

The second picture is from today-I got my first ever citation and was so bummed out about it-because it was soooo stupid. My driver's license expired on March 29th and the DMV office where I need to renew it is located at the bottom of the road I live on! How infuriating that I haven't bothered to renew it. Next, my tags on the back expired in March also-I didn't even know that! Last but not least, my inspection was out and I didn't even know that NC was doing those anymore. Since we don't have stickers for them, I thought they had done away with it all together. What is worse, is that after he gave me the tickets we discovered we had all these local connections-starting with his wife! I probably could have sweet-talked my way out of them all together if I had done the chatting before he wrote me the darn tickets. At any rate, I am glad I bought that bottle of wine at the grocery store this afternoon!

Now, I am off to search for a new blog background since it is a new month and I need a change of scenery around here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fri & Sat POD's

These are actually in backwards order right now...

It has been a crazy busy couple of days and I am so beat! Friday was only a 1/2 day of school for the kids. We had our read-a-thon party and the kids got to dress up all of the staff in silly costumes. This picture is of our school principal (on R) and our Learning Center director (on L).

Saturday was our school's Spring Fling fundraiser event. After months and months of planning and meetings (and more meetings) the event was hugely successful and such fun. The weather was very iffy, but managed to just lightly mist us a couple of times throughout the day. We had entertainment, food, inflatable bouncy things, craft vendors, pony rides, a plant sale, and a bake sale-lots of things to see and do, and as I said before-such FUN! It was a lot of work and took tons of volunteer effort, but so worth it. The picture is of me and my dear friend, Lori, who is the school's office manager (she doesn't often pose for photos so I feel lucky to have one!).