Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reading Glasses

For about a year or so I have noticed that I need to read with the book a little further away from me. It doesn't really bother me, but things like menus are getting pretty blurry. So, I finally broke down and purchased a snazzy pair of reading glasses for $2.99 at Michael's yesterday.
Since, I really didn't take advantage of any great photo ops for the day (Tripp playing Nerf war with his friends or Libby doing yard work), at the last possible minute before starting the movie, Precious, I looked onto the end table to catch a glimpse of yesterday's finished book with my reading glasses sitting on them...I think I am okay so long as I don't start wearing them on a chain around my neck!

Back to the movie-not for everyone! My book club read the book, Push, back in November so I had been eagerly awaiting the movie since I didn't see it in the theater. It is quite disturbing subject matter, but really excellently acted.

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