Friday, March 26, 2010

So Happy

I am so happy today because my son was so happy today! We filled his Focalin prescription and began it today. He took his dose at 7:10 or so this morning. At first, I was very worried because he was excessively chatty on the way to school and saying some pretty off the wall and random things. I dropped the kids off at school and immediately phoned in to alert his homeroom teacher. I was seriously thinking he might get sent home today. At any rate, I was at school running the book fair from 9:00 until school let out and each of his teachers made a point to come in and tell me how wonderful his day had been! He popped in to say hello to me a few times and was in the best mood. He felt so good at pick up time, had a great afternoon, and then went out to dinner with my hubby and had excellent behavior there, too. This is such a blessing already and we can only pray that he has little to no side effects from this. It was a very difficult choice to have to medicate our child, but his happiness and success is largely up to us at this point in his young life. We want to see him reach his full potential, feel good about himself, and become a responsible member of society. The apathy he had been exhibiting towards school had begun to carry over into his home life simply because he was getting into trouble at school which of course, caused punishments and restrictions of things at home. It seems like this treatment, in conjunction with some of the behavioural and organizational strategies we've already implemented will help him go far!

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