Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Day

Woke up knowing that school would be canceled due to impending snow. Jim and I watched a little tv (some back episodes of the final season of Battlestar Galactica which he somehow convinced me to watch with him). I weighed in for the morning to discover that I was down about 2 pounds already! Nothing like seeing some movement on the scales in the first day to keep you on track.
Libby and I got in the hot tub and soaked while the snow was falling all around us. So beautiful. Then we came in and showered off and gave ourselves pedicures. Tripp was busy playing with the neighbor's grandson during all this "girl time".
As the day wore on, I started looking through old photos and was feeling really drawn to scrapbook some traditional pages. These were photos from 2003 and earlier...all of our printed out pictures before we got our first digital camera. It was so fun to look back through them but made me a little sad at the same time because the kids were sooooo little in these pictures. What great memories we've made!
Now, for the food part of the day:

coffee w/FF creamer and Stevia
2 fried eggs with melted Golden cheshire cheese on top of a bed of spinach

Snacks (morning and afternoon)-

Sauteed spinach, onion, mushrooms, with turkey and jack cheese melted on top

Salad w/leftover salmon and pecan crumbles and Thousand Island dressing (sounds gross, but it is yummy)

Will also have my nightly treat of a low-carb fudgesicle

I am proud of myself for not having any of the Dove Double Fudge chocolate brownies my daughter made today!

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