Friday, January 15, 2010

What Not To Wear

Always a Friday night favorite at my house...What Not to Wear. Thank goodness the new season is back on the air! I was so bummed that TLC didn't show re-runs during the normal Friday night time slot. Every other Friday is either book club or game night so I always look forward to the Fridays when I get to snuggle into my pj's and watch the show in bed. Usually my daughter watches it with me but tonight she is at a friend's for a sleepover.
I must say that I find the fashion on the show fun and inspiring but I think I am more drawn in by the emotional and pyschological side of the transformations. I can totally relate to the guests who don't want to be seen or who don't know how to dress their new bodies after weight loss. I can relate to not recognizing the person looking back at you from the mirror. Many years back I lost a whopping 62 pounds with Weight Watchers and I still struggle with a bit of an identity crisis from time to time! I am thankful that I lost the weight and rediscovered my "old" body, but I am also grateful for the experience of being overweight so that I might be more empathetic with people who struggle with obesity.
The underlying theme and message is to love the body you have and buy the right clothes to fit your shape regardless of the size. That's what tailors are for! I think that clothes don't make the person, but they sure do change the attitude of the person wearing them (and perhaps those you encounter while wearing them). I am sure that all of us can attest to the magical qualities of the perfect outfit and the powers we possess when we wear them!

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