Saturday, January 2, 2010

~Day 2~
I don't know if I cheated by having my hubby take a picture of me pretending to take a picture or not...but here's my picture of the day anyway. I often find myself behind the camera so I am not always in the pictures. I like being a memory preserver.

Today we traveled to the pretty city of Aiken, SC for a family funeral. We remembered the life of our sweet little great grandmother, Jessie Timmerman Berry. Our trip took us through beautiful countryside filled with cotton plants, bare peach and pecan trees, hay pastures and stately old homes that probably look much like they did 50-100 years ago. It was a day of family memories. It was a lot of time spent in the car but we enjoyed the ride. Our GPS took us off the interstate so that we were able to get to see this area of SC that none of us had been through before. We followed where the GPS led us, right to the intended destination but via an alternate route and what a lovely drive it was because of the change in plans. It brought up a good discussion about how many beautiful places are within a couple hour's drive of us and that we need to get out and explore more. Since my word for 2010 is "explore", this prompted us to make a goal of picking a destination city or event to go to one weekend each month in the coming year. It is so easy to hole up at home in the freezing winter months and just sit by the fire in our pj's all day. Although, that is necessary recuperation from a hectic school/work week, it isn't very exciting and we therefore challenge ourselves to experience and explore the world around us a little more in the coming year....

R.I.P., Super Grammy!

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