Friday, January 22, 2010

Nap Time

Well, no time for an afternoon nap today! My daughter's bed sure makes it look tempting, though. This is the first sunny afternoon we've had in a while and the temps are above freezing so I was going from room to room opening up the curtains to let a little light in...the lighting just struck me so here's the picture of the day.

Everything I buy seems to have a little story behind it, if it doesn't it probably doesn't matter all that much to me. You've already learned that I am a bird nerd. I have trouble not buying things with birds on them. This little pillow was featured in Better Homes & Garden magazine a few years back as an "ideal" Christmas gift, so I immediately ordered it (for myself, of course). It came wrapped in brown tissue paper and was tied up with a little ribbon and a tiny little cloth blackbird ornament. What a sweet might still be able to find it at Bayberry Cove.

Libby's lovely bedding came from the clearance aisle at World Market. This little pillow just looks beautiful in her room so I was glad to share it with her.

Last but not least, the big news of the day is that I was able to order my Project Life kit off of amazon! Yay! It will be here Monday so I can start printing off all of these pictures I've been sharing with you.


  1. Ashley & I like to go to the World Market - such neat & unique things to be found in there! And I love the treats too! LOL :) How cool that your Project Life kit is on it's way! I know you're really excited about it - can't wait to see what you do with it. Hope that your weekend is awesome!!

  2. Thanks, Valerie! Hope you have a great weekend, too. I am looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow!