Friday, January 29, 2010


This is the view out of my car window while driving home from school this afternoon. Area schools were released at 1:00 today. Our school doesn't follow the same schedule so we stayed in until 2:45. By the time I got to our road, this is what the conditions were like. We had to call my husband to tell him to get on home (he was at the movies) or he might not make it up our mountain. He made it just in the nick of time. The kids spent the afternoon sledding. I filled up all the birdfeeders and enjoyed watching them eat all of the seeds that I scattered on our front porch. It looks like we are getting anywhere from 8-10" and will be stuck up here for several days. That's fine by me because I have lots of scrapbooking and jewelry-making I want to do this weekend...

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