Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seriously at a loss for a picture tonight. So I walked around the house looking for anything to photograph and found two of my favorite things hanging by the back door...why not? I thought to myself-this is supposed to be about me!

The mirrored coat hook is from Sundance catalog circa 2005.

The purse is something I had to have from the mono store in Amsterdam. When we were visiting there last April, we walked past the store after it had closed on our last night in town. I was so smitten by the store's window display that I made a point to rush back there before we left to catch the train to Brussels where we had pre-paid tickets to catch a fast train on to Paris. Time was of the essence but we made it! The funny part of this story is that I arrived back to my little town in the mountains of NC to discover that one of my student's mom bought the same "one of a kind" purse when she was there! What are the odds?! Anyway, I love this bag. It has two little zippers on each side of the purse which are great for storing your car keys or cell phone so you don't have to dig inside. It also worked great to hold subway tickets when traveling.

The shawl is another something I had to have from a store called DeJaVu in Florida....(they are having a great sale right now). Very Boho style clothing and accessories if you're into that sort of thing. The store where I found this was in PierPark in Panama City, FL. It had the most beautiful sign (with a little birdie on it) and displays outside of the door just beckoning you to come inside. Everything was so colorful and whimsical and I went a little nuts over the place! I ended up buying this shawl even though it was probably 90 degrees outside. I knew it would be a staple for the chilly fall weather and I keep it on that coathook so that I can snuggle with it anytime I want. Just so you know, the original store is in the beautiful city of Seaside, FL. It is definitely worth a visit if you are ever doing the 30A trail on the gorgeous gulf coast.

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