Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In my introductory post, I listed one of my interests as "bird watching" so here is the first of probably many bird pictures and postings. I am a certifiable bird nerd. I just recently replaced some empty suet feeders and replenished some of the other feeders in our yard and the birds have been flocking to dine. I have also tried to put hot water into the bird bath each day since they are frozen solid right now. Our high temperatures for the last 5 days or so have hovered around 20. YIKES! The snow is still covering the yard in spots where the sun doesn't hit so I've been watching to see what little birds are out braving the cold. I happened to notice a disturbance in the curtains this afternoon and found my cat stalking these adorable little Carolina Wrens in our yard. I took lots of photos of them through the glass and this isn't a great one, but I loved that you could still see him hopping through the snow. His mate was never far from his side. There was also a nuthatch, and a red-bellied woodpecker hanging out closeby.

Surprisingly, many birds do not migrate in the winter. This time of year good shelter, food and water supplies are difficult to find. If it has snowed recently, their food supply is covered up and they really need you to provide it for them them. You can fill hanging feeders and sprinkle seeds and nuts across the snow for those that are ground feeders. Water is most important and is often overlooked. I don't have a fancy heated bird bath but you may be interested in investing in one of these bird baths.

Although, I only planned to post one photo a day, I can't help but show you the pretty woodpecker, too.

So remember to take care of the feathered friends in your neighborhood!

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