Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mon/Tues POD's

I apologize for being a bit of slacker about my daily posting over the last week, but this is the first time I've been on any type of vacation since starting this project and I really think vacations need to be as "techno-free" as possible. For that reason, I have not been online much and definitely not taking the time to upload pictures.

On Monday, I was lucky enough to steal away with 3 friends to a little cabin in the woods of Sylva, NC. We drove up around 1:00 in the afternoon, unloaded at the house, had a snack and then headed to downtown to walk around and explore a bit. We spent most of our time in two different book stores (one the library resale store, the other a new book store). We also had a good cup of coffee here and sat on comfy couches chit-chatting. After we toured the town, we headed back to the cabin, poured ourselves a glass of wine and started snacking on cheese, nuts, veggies & hummus. (The first photo was our first toast of the evening). For dinner, we had curried broccolli and cheddar soup with bread, pasta w/pesto, and then brownies and carrot cake for dessert with an after dinner drink. It was wonderful. We spent the entire evening out on the porch. At about midnight we decided to take a moonlit walk to a small waterfall and then continued on up the road where we laid down and looked up at the stars in complete silence-so peaceful!

After a short night's sleep, we were up enjoying coffee on the porch again and proceeded to stay in our jammies until well after lunch! (The birdhouse photo was one I snapped first thing in the morning before anyone else was up and about. )We intended to take a hike, but that never happened. Instead we talked and talked and talked! At about 3:30 or so, we headed out with a stop in mind-The Balsam Mountain Inn. This place is amazing, an old mountain inn situated right beside the railroad tracks and an old RR station. This place was built in 1905 and boasts 50 rooms, we looked in almost all of them! Each one painted a charming color and decorated to match, but in a hodge-podge sort of way that was so inviting, like staying at grandma's house...

I got back home around dinnertime and it wasn't long after eating and watching a family movie with my kids and hubby that I was snoozing on the couch. Refreshed from my day away, I was ready to get some things done around here!

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