Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Wow, what a pleasant day! I had fun working on my Project Life album, getting the journaling cards and photos from last week in there. I also sanitized the upstairs bathrooms and did a few other household chores before heading off to teach. I always call my hubby so I can speak to the kids for a few minutes after he picks them up from school (since I am at work by the time they get home). Today, my son was elated to share his Mid-Quarter Progress Report with me. This is the first report since he began the Focalin for his ADHD on March 26th. You may recall from a previous post that his last report card left A LOT to be desired. If he weren't an incredibly smart kid-I'd not even be bringing this up, but we knew he wasn't reaching his potential. This progress report is much more indicative of what we expect from him.
He got a B in Language Arts, Science, and Study Skills, but got A's in Math, and Social Studies! His Math comment was this "WOW! He's moved to the accelerated group." Science comment "He's doing so much better!!" Additional comments were: "Tripp has amazed me these past few weeks-focused, organized, motivated. Keep it up!"
This just made my day (whole week really) and he is so proud- I just had to share!

The second picture is of the amazing sunset we had this evening. You never see the same one twice and they are a sight to behold.

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