Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thurs. & Fri POD's

My Thurs. POD is a shot of Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years. We have begun watching this series as a family and usually see two episodes a night. The kids are both really enjoying it since he is 12 at the start of the show. I think they have already learned a lot historically about this time in American history. It is so nice to have shows that the entire family can enjoy watching together. You know it used to be like that when I was a kid because there were only 3 channels and everything that came on at 8:00p.m. seemed family friendly. Not anymore, so we have always found our favorite shows to share with our kids-we did The Little House on the Prairie series with them years ago.

There are two pictures for the Fri. POD. The first one is Libby (on L) with some of her girlfriends getting ready to enter the dance. This was a middle school dance sponsored by the Builder's Club. Since they are in the club, they helped decorate right after school. Then, I took them home so they could get dressed. They almost refused to go in because everyone else was dressed very casually. The girls looked so beautiful and grown up...

The last picture is of my hubby and I with some of our best friends at the restaurant Mezzaluna. We went out for dinner while the girls were at the dance. It was so nice to get some couple time with good friends because we haven't had a date night in ages!!

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