Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sun. POD

Today was part 1 of dance class picture taking day. There were 5 classes scheduled to attend. They were all coming in early and therefore finishing early which was a wonderful treat since the weather was so beautiful and I didn't want to be stuck inside all afternoon. I was ready to unwind with a glass of wine, a stroll around the yard, and some TETRIS playing. My hubby just put a new version of this game on pc that he downloaded from here. I am a total Tetris junkie and have been since the early 90's when I used to play it on some sort of game system-maybe a Playstation my boyfriend at the time had. My son, who was on another laptop right beside me, said he bet I was the only person in the world who drank wine while playing Tetris so I just had to have that for my POD!

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