Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Time

So, I spent the entire afternoon looking at all the awesome blogs of other folks doing Project Life. Namely Project Life Tuesday over at the Mom Creative. What a great group of talented photographers! I was feeling a little sad that I no longer have little pre-schoolers-instead I have kids that are almost as tall as I am and that I can no longer hold in my arms. (Well, I can, but not too comfortably). At any rate, we were hanging out on the couch after watching our nightly episode of The Wonder Years and I grabbed the camera to try to snag a few pictures. The ones I took were not the best, but we were having fun and it is pretty obvious on all of our faces, so that is worth remembering and adding to our book. Laughter and snuggling is the best way to end the day!


  1. I totally agree Tamara!! I love winter because my 3 boys love to all sit on my lap at the same time and we snuggle. I nearly get squashed in the process, but I LOVE it. Hope you have a great week further.

  2. Hi Rene'-you are right snuggling is the best! I love that even though they are as big as they are, they still like to do it!