Friday, April 30, 2010

Thurs. POD

For some reason, I just felt inspired to take pics of the kids this evening. Tripp had on this black and gray shirt that had orange numbers on it and Libby was wearing black shorts with a gray camisole...they just looked so cute together and were being goofy and sweet all at the same time. Of course, most of the pictures were not perfect because Tripp had bug eyes or his tongue out or something like that! This shot I thought was just great, but the weird part is there is a mattress in the background that just bugged the heck out of me. Libby said it made us look "trashy" and I was just dying laughing at that because those were my sentiments exactly...yet here the picture is posted for my little blog world to see!

Now, why is there a mattress standing up behind them you might wonder? It is because my husband decided to undecorate my old office which had this lovely little antique bed in it with a black toile coverlet, etc. and instead put a honking huge massage chair in it's place! Now, I am thinking about putting the old bed up in my craft room area as a daybed or something. So that is why the mattress is sitting up against the wall in the kid's den.

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