Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tues.-Sat POD's

This has been an insane week back after Spring Break! I did remember to take pictures every day, but I just couldn't find any spare time during the day to blog or read my favorite blogs for that matter. I was barely checking emails which is totally unlike me!

The first photo is from today (Sat.) and it shows some of the plants that are coming up and a couple of new ones. It was a glorious day to be outside and that is just where I was. I went to Lowe's for plants two separate times!

The next photo down is from Girlz Game night on Friday evening. It was a small group, but we still had fun. No game playing, though, just chatting and munching on snacks til after midnight. I was so tired this morning!

The next picture (which is totally off in scale) is also from Friday. My dear friend, Ellen, was celebrating her 49th birthday and we had a kind gentleman take a picture of us in front of some dogwood blooms outside of our favorite restaurant, Bluewater Seafood. Unfortunately, the ground was very uneven, so it makes me look like I am even shorter than I am compared to the other girls.

No picture from Thursday-yikes!

Wednesday's photo is my $1 unsweetened ice-tea from McDonald's...almost a daily indulgence of mine.

Tuesday's photo is of a favorite restaurant of mine, Never Blue, in downtown H'ville. I went out with some of the PTC officers and teachers after our meeting that night.

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