Friday, April 9, 2010

Thurs. POD

The photo above shows a the remnants of a home that exploded approximately 2 miles away from where we live. The sound actually woke my husband up-he said the house shook and the windows rattled a bit, but it still didn't wake me up. This is kind of old news, as it happened back in March, but today my daughter and I happened to remember it when we were driving home from Target and decided to detour off the main road to see what it looked like. It appeared to be a pretty good sized home on a lovely lot surrounded by flowering trees and Leyland cypress'. The foundation is the only thing remaining and the entire contents of the home are blown to bits and lying about the yard (and even pieces remain in the neighbors yards). I guess they cannot clean up the mess simply because it is still under investigation.

Here is the link to the article in our local paper about it.

It was a rainy day that was spent mostly inside after the shopping trip so not much to photograph...


  1. Makes you wonder if the daughter did something to blow up the house... and maybe trying to collect on the insurance or something.

  2. Yes, it is under investigation and deemed very suspicious. It was being foreclosed on, etc...