Monday, February 8, 2010

What's In Your Purse?

I really did mean to take a cute picture of all of my Valentine cards with their suckers attached that I was giving to my students at the dance studio today...they turned out so cute. But, I forgot my camera. Then when I got home from work this evening I got sucked into a couple of projects, followed by a couple of tv shows and here it is 11:24 and no picture! Then, I remembered this cute idea off a scrapbook site....the picture of the contents of your purse. Cute, easy, and a real glimpse of "me".

So, here is what's in the bag: (the mono store site is under construction)
a big pak of Orbit Sweet mint gum
a cute little green room recycyled notebook 4x6 size-Medallion available at Target
a pad of checks without a cover
6 receipts (Walgreens, Ingles grocery store,Cracker Barrel, Mean Mr. Mustards, Janitzios, Bloomfields of Flat Rock)
3 shopping lists
1random note of information
a grocery store coupon
pocket posh crosswords book
3 mini Kleenex out of wrapper
an emtpy Stevia packet
an envelope with discount cards I'm selling for school
a gum wrapper
a bird sticker (?)
my favorite Wish Lollia handcream (smells like heaven) available at anthropologie
my Natural Life coin purse
a Cross pen (gift from my son)
a 6x8 green room notebook (Floral) available at Target
small Vera Bradley makeup bag (old pattern, the link is for a new one I like)
old Kate Spade sunglasses (out of their case-bad girl!)

Wow! Lots of stuff...
Have you cleaned out your purse lately?

Bonne Nuit!

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