Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've got work to do

"I'm Blushing"
Well, you may see by the look of my laundry room that I haven't opened the door for quite some time! My husband had a laundry chute put in on the main floor of our home so that the kids just drop their dirty clothes through the chute and it's gone, comes back to them clean from the laundry fairy I guess. In our closet there is also an opening into the laundry room-so unless we're all out of socks or unders it may be days before the actual door to the laundry room gets opened. I honestly don't remember the last day I did laundry so that goes to show we have too darned many clothes! At any rate, I am doing a few loads this evening out of necessity. It looks like it will take me days to catch up on this pile...Thank goodness for the wonderful smell of clean clothes.

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