Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hanging with the Boys

I love this picture of my son and a few of his school chums. My children are privileged enough to attend a very small K-8 charter school, The Mountain Community School, here in NC. They are a close-knit family of kids. The middle school contains a total of 60 kids. Tripp, my son, the 3rd from the left in the above photo, is in the 6th grade. Every 2 weeks each grade "collects" points from their teachers by doing things like being on time, turning in homework assignments on time, etc. and the winning class goes out to lunch to a restaurant, Janitzio's. (Sort of our school restaurant-we all go there so often). Since I served on the board for the last 6 years, I have been going out to lunch with the teachers and principal long before my kids ever moved into the middle school. Now I am off the board and I still go just because I love to...difference is that now both of my kids are in middle school, so that means I also get to enjoy a lunch date with them! These boys bought mustaches from the gumball machine and here they are proudly modeling them for me!

Now, as a side note-Remeber, we had that big snow last Friday so there was no school on Monday or Tuesday of this week. More ice and snow on the way (I had to cancel my last class of the night and barely made it home safely) so it looks like no school tomorrow either!

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