Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All my love...

These two are what it's ALL about! My son, Tripp, age 11, and my daughter, Libby, age 12.
I was making some cards for school today (thank you/Valentine photo cards for some of our supporters) and when I saw how cute the Valentine cards were at the Walmart photo site I decided that instead of having the kids make cards for family this year we would do a photo card instead. So, that meant I had to take a few pictures of the kids tonight. They were pretty cooperative and I am sure that any of you who have tried to take planned photos of children or animals know all to well that is almost impossible to do!
I won't send these to all the friends and family who get Christmas cards, but I think the grandparents will appreciate an unexpected picture of the kids. Hope you are feeling the love from those around you this Valentine's week!

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