Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 7 and 8 Update

It's been two weeks since I've posted, although I know that no one really noticed. LOL! I did do the recipes, the creative challenges, and all the haikus, but I haven't had any free time to post. It has been a horrible week...nothing happened to me or my family personally, but close associates of mine had some horrible, scandalous stuff happen which has essentially left me feeling quite betrayed and in a state of despair. Thankfully, it was an easy weekend for school work which allowed me time to go out to lunch and a movie with my family. A much needed weekend day off from the chaos and such that is my beautiful life.

Haiku Update:

The winds have died down
But the temperature is
Bitter and spiteful

I need to slow down
Life is rushing past too fast
Make the moments count

Chocolates, flowers
Feelings of love in the air
Happy Valentine's!

Reprieve from winter
Warm sunshine, gentle breezes
A hint of springtime

I worry for her
Secret now told for all ears
I hope I can help

Friday night party
Dinner with friends at the Chets
Blowing off some steam

Reading and writing
Testing and posting about
Poetry, that's life.

The rain falls and falls
My brain refuses to write
This essay kills me

Oh, a day off work
Such a gift to the weary
Time to get caught up

Tender and juicy
Between two slices of rye
Delicious Reuben

You must be kidding
So many lives are ruined
So how can this end?

Sadness and despair fill me
How to get through it?

We walk like zombies
Our reality turned
upside down, we're lost

Cannot understand
It couldn't ever make sense
So, was it worth it?

Last week's recipe was black beans and brown rice...delish! This is where I got it from!
And week 7 craft, was a graphic I downloaded from the Graphic's Fairy website and played with using glitter.

This week's recipe is "Cabbage Soup". I used the version as a base, but added in celery, mushrooms, and red, yellow, and orange peppers, too. I am really in need of getting back on my Weight Watchers plan come Monday (I've been overeating due to stress) and I thought this soup would help me along.

Also, as a tribute to the spiritual nature of crows, that are often thought of as harbingers of death and doom, I used this beautiful photo from this website and added a quote I found about them here....
The quote says, "Even in the midst of darkness, we have the power to touch the light." That is going to guide me through this next week!

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