Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 9/10 update

Another two weeks since my last post....although I have been faithful to my goals, I have not been faithful to my posting. As of yesterday, I am officially on Spring Break, so hopefully I will get back on track with weekly postings. At any rate, here goes my chronicle from the last two weeks.

Haiku #56
Sunday, sweet Sunday
Some time away from the books
Time away from life

I am on the way
To a better place inside
There's no need to hide

When the eye twitches
You must see that stress abounds
And send it away

An extra day to
celebrate in 20-12
leap year

Thursday, happy day
The weekend is on the way
Almost time to play!

A cold, gloomy day
After yesterday's sunshine
Makes me want to hide

A birthday dinner
for Cathey in Saluda
at Purple Onion

Chicken noodle soup
the ultimate comfort food
when you're feeling down

Monday, oh Monday
After a weekend off
Decidedly Off!

Meeting and dinner
Happy Birthday dear Dianne
Never Blue loves you!

A very, long day
Kids and teachers are ready
for Spring Break next week...

No music playing
I miss my boy, Tripp, guitar
No noise, no life, no!

The wind whipped-it's March!
Roaring in like a lion
But how will it end?

Recipe from last week was Chicken Noodle soup, a Weight Watcher's version, mind you, that was really awesome and I ate it all week!

Here goes:
Week 9-Link

Here are my projects from week 9 and week 10...

week 10

Week 10-recipe is an oldie but goodie, Kima:

I made this tonight using sweet potatoes and frozen peas instead of green beans. I have actually never made it with green beans. You can also substitute ground turkey or soy crumbles if you would rather not use ground beef. I however, prefer organic lean ground beef as opposed to ground turkey (ick!) and so does my family. I always serve it over rice pilaf. It is a delicious Middle Eastern dish.
We had a wonderful evening listening to Madeleine Peyreoux and cooking together-kids and all...

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