Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long overdue blog update. I have given up on posting a weekly bird project and a weekly recipe for the time being. Way too busy right now and doing the nightly haiku is all I can muster the extra time (and energy) for these days. I did make a new lemon cake last week, which I will probably post sometime in the future, but for now I just have to post these haikus so I feel like I have accomplished something in the past month or so!

Tapas and music
A Madeleine Peyreoux show
In our living room

We took a joy ride
An old-fashioned Sunday drive
up on the parkway

Overwhelmed by stuff
I have to do while on break
So, is this a break?

Breakfast with Jimmy
at Early Girl Eatery
So very yummy!

Sequins and sparkles
The costumes shimmer and shine
They dance in my mind!

My night spent alone
All quiet and confusing
Filled with bad T.V.

I delight in the
pink blossoms of cherry trees
falling like raindrops

Good Irish blessings
with corned beef, cabbage, and beer
and good friends so dear.

Family returns
There's time to enjoy the yard
Full of spring beauty

Chickadees sing sweet
songs of springtime
flitting through the trees

The sky turned purple
mountains majesty aglow
with each lightning flash

The bees swarm around
the pink cherry tree blossoms
buzzing a spring song

The chicken coop is
coming right along, so long
not much more waiting

A trip to Charlotte
for shopping at Ikea
Swedish smorgasbord

I begin the test
answering essay questions
that rattle my brain

The test is over
A few hours left for me
for wine and T.V.

Venus and Jupiter
and the moon shine bright tonight
such a lovely sight

Girl's night at Connie's
Up too late on a school night
Much laughter and wine

Almost ready for
laying hens and farm fresh eggs
to fill my new coop

Another birthday
42 and still counting
in my blessed life

A birthday party
I celebrate with good friends
I am so lucky

Three sweet little hens
Came to live with us today
Please be happy here!

"Cluck! I laid an egg"
said the big black hen proudly
and then came two more...

I can't help but feel
This place is not right for me
So what is my place?

They say all is well
that ends well, I hope that's true
When truth is hurtful

Enjoying the breeze
By the weeping cherry tree
Troubles far away

Dark clouds hunker down
Buckets full of rain falling
The earth runs away

A morning for birds
Chickadees, finches, titmouse
A woodpecker, too

Special time with Tripp
in Asheville at CityMac
and the music store

April 8th, Easter
Hunting for candy-filled eggs
in the flower beds

My hands are filthy
From working in the garden
Such satisfaction

Meeting followed by
meeting a long day at work
Still time for dessert

Off to Gatlinburg
for a spring break getaway
smokey mountains call

A big turkey struts
A young black bear looks for food
Spring in Tennessee

On this day I hide
pretending to be away
not answering life

A birthday party
for Ellen with lemon cake
we celebrate life

Four small bird eggs wait
for mother bird to find them
nest tossed in the wind

Spring break is over
counting down to summertime
five, four, three, two, one

A glass of red wine
as I watch my chickens dine
Life at its finest!

The steady drizzle
Cool rain on a gray day
makes my head cloudy

The week flew by but
not today, such a long day
Ready for Friday

Wise words Dr. Suess
The Lorax movie tells all
Listen to the trees

Sweet discovery
The chickadee eggs are safe
Mama bird found them!

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