Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 5 Update

Whew! Another hard week at work and with school...took a 16 hour long exam this weekend, so I am wiped. I did, however, manage to try a new recipe this week, (although my hubby kindly cooked it for me) and did a very quick sketch for my "creativity" project. As long as I am consistent, I won't beat myself up for it not being a very involved process.

Haiku #29

Treasure family
Life is too short for regrets
So take time to play

Haiku #30

Monday means order
Another chance to start fresh
Reclaim your purpose

Haiku #31

January has
Come and gone, setting us on
A shiny, new path

Haiku #32

Music and dancing
The sounds of laughter and fun
Joy for everyone

Haiku #33

On this winter's day
in 1976
I lost my father

Haiku #35

Falling Star Malbec
Beet salad and fish tacos
The place-Never Blue

Haiku #36

Hours and hours
My work is not yet finished
Must rest and renew

Recipe of the week was "Shrimp and Cabbage Lo-mein"
from the March 2008 Everyday Food magazine.

and here is my very basic creativity project for week of 2012

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