Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 2 Update

Okay, so the final haiku for this week is...

Haiku #14:
Saturday morning
A cup of coffee before
The world is awake

Bird Project for Week 2:
An attempt at drawing a nuthatch in pencil and chalk

And my new recipe for the week, is once again straight out of the January/February edition of Food magazine. The recipe is for Rustic Chicken Minestrone. I have yet to try it, but here is the photo of it cooking....smells yummy!

I have had a very pleasant day, thus far. It started with sleeping in until 8:00. Wonderful! I never do that, even on the weekends. Then I got up and had coffee all by myself for a little while before the rest of the family (and the kids who were sleeping over) got up. I have piddled around the house doing little odds and ends, worked on my creativity challenge project, and then got started on the soup. I am still in my pj's and am getting ready to go get back in bed to read for a little bit. If I fall asleep, so what? The world, and all the stuff I need to be doing, will be there waiting for me when I crawl back out from under the covers.

Happy Saturday!

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