Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1 Update

Whew! What a hard first week. Starting back to work on Monday right after New Year's Day was a little difficult. I really needed one more day to get organized for the work week, but that didn't happen. I read and completed a few assignments yesterday and still managed to get in my new recipe and my creativity challenge.

The recipe I tried was from this month's Everyday Food magazine. It was a simple roasted acorn squash that turned out to be delicious. Here's the recipe.

and for my "Bird themed Creativity Challenge" I decided to use a pretty 12x12 scrapbook I've had laying around and do four 3x3 sized projects to fit on each page so it will basically be a month's worth of projects on each page. Below you will see week 1 and my special word of the week.

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